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Upon logging into the members area of Fem Joy, I literally did a double take. You see, the members page is virtually identical to the tour page. That’s not to say nothing has changed, however. In addition to the obvious difference of access to a wealth of naughty videos and pictures, there’s also an added set of menus. There a “Community” and a “Member Options” tab. The members options is pretty basic, mostly a series of personal favorites for videos and photos. There’s also the wild card addition of a ‘random’ button, which treats you to a random mishmash of content from their archives.

I really like the color scheme. The black and different shades of greys combined with the soft pastels of the magazine covers is an understated and powerful look. I was so engrossed in browsing the latest “photo portfolios” in fact, that I didn’t notice there’s a more traditional menu situated in the upper top right-hand corner of the page. In addition to the typical gateways such as video and models, they’ve also got a page which goes in depth, explaining how to access the site with your i-phone. I can’t help but picture young men viewing the site in internet cafe’s whilst jerking off.

In addition to bing user-friendly, it would appear the content isn’t half bad, either. The model roster has over 750 girls, ranging from drop-dead-gorgeous model types to the real sleepers — think the girl-next-door minus all that frumpy clothing.




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  • Fem Joy makes it immediately apparent that quantity is a top priority. They boast around 3 updates per day, equating to 14 sets of photos and 2 videos per week. They also make a big deal of having a range of different models, 750 in total comprising all sorts of styles and flavours. Most interestingly, they make a big deal out of offering a combined blend of both erotica and art in their photographs — that’s to say they appeal to both our minds and our nether-regions.

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