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Your sensual side wants to be out. The pin up photo shoot is the way to show your attractive curves. Pin up is the depiction of beautiful women, mostly semi-naked women, in the definite style. Pin up models may be fashion models, actors or glamour models. Pin-up is an informal style and it means to be “pinned-up” on the wall. The term “pin up” is connected with drawings and illustrations as well as photos. The appealing pin up shots are often published in magazines, on postcards or calendars.

The models in pin up shots illustrate glamour. They transform the boudoir photography into the concept of art. The pin up photos are not about the vulgarity. The photo pin up photographer emphasizes women’s body shapes, playing with light and shadows. Let’s observe the most striking pin up photography ideas and the way to enhance them.

Classic pin up photography

Pinup style photo shoots are all about the props. The classic pin up shoot is always themed shoot. What are the important elements of pin up classic style? Of course, they are makeup, hairstyle, clothes, and accessories. The classic pin up model looks elegantly. It is no matter whether you are not skinny enough, the classic pin up photographer aimed to capture natural body shapes.

The pin up photo shoot was popular among the celebrities as well as the ordinary women. The women prefer pin up photography to express feminine strength, beauty, and sensuality. The boudoir and glamor photographers took the shots of famous women around the world. Today the pin up photography would be nothing without classic pin up photography.

At the time of World War II the pin up style had difficult times. In that time pin up photo shoots was popular among Hollywood’s celebrities. It was the flourishing time for pin up style. Let’s observe the most stunning pin up photos.

Betty Grable astonished with her perfect body shapes. During WWII she became highly paid women in America. Eartha Kitt became a pin up model with her past in theater and cabaret. She was very attractive women, that everybody was excited with her beauty. The English actress Diana Dors showed the world her attention-grabbing pin up shots. Marlin Monroe was a successful actress, but after her pin up shoots, she became on of Hollywood’s hot symbols. Many artists and photographers were inspired by her beauty.

These attractive ladies put a start for pin up photo style. The show everybody the women tenderness and how beautiful they are. Their images inspired not only men but also women of the world. Marlin Monroe and Dita Von Teese classic pin up photography taught the women not to hide their attractiveness and amuse their men. So, today the pin up photography gains popularity.

Extraordinary vintage effect Photoshop – Pin-Up

As you understand from above-mentioned information, the birth time of pin up style is the time of WWII. The pin up girls ware typical for that days and these eye-candy shots were cherished by soldiers. The classic pin up photography had a vintage style, which was aimed at using vintage effect photoshop. This extraordinary vintage effect was popular in those days, and have some developments today.

Nowadays, many girls prefer pin up style, as it looks sophisticated. As for vintage effect photoshop, the vintage pin up shots is often used in advertising and marketing. The talented professional photographers create such attention-grabbing images.

The pin up is now on the pick of popularity. We can observe the clothes and accessories of pin up style. It can be said that today pin up style is more popular than in 1940’s.

On the whole, the vintage effect is widespread nowadays, because of there is more of a desire to rich towards the past with these effects. In vintage shots, colors fade over time.

Pin up photography ideas from famous photographers

The photography industry is developing today and becomes an art form. Photographer implements new ideas into photography and surprises the world with their works. The pin up photography becomes widespread and many girls prefer it. The purposes of pin up photo shoots varies from great wedding present for the groom to just instigative time spending.

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