Nude Models

We always hear the photographers moaning. “This model wants me to include their model portfolio for free, as if I have nothing better to do,” and yet we all work for free at one point, so we thought we would give you some insight into the mind of a photographer and what motivates them to shoot you for free.

Photographers receive many requests from models to work on ‘Prints for Poses’ or ‘Time For Prints.’ We know some photographers complain about this because the model asks them to work for free, but we suggest it is flattering, because the model also tells you that they love your work enough to sacrifice their own time for free. Unfortunately, however, most of these requests sound approximately as follows.

“Hello photographer, I really love your work, if you ever need a model, please let me know.” Your first reaction as a photographer should be one of gratitude. Like all creative photographers, you should cherish the idea that people enjoy your work. So, take a look at the model’s portfolio and see if you think you like their look.

Even if you love their appearance, the real world quickly reminds you to reserve half a day for the shoot and then another day for retouching. So answer with something like “I love your look, if you want to come to the studio for a cup of coffee and a chat that would be great.”

Why do you answer like this when you are a busy photographer? Because you want to be convinced. you love their look, but also, do you like her? Do you have a connection that is displayed in the camera? The model should want to make you want to photograph her.

The questions you should really be asking is, ‘Will I be able to use your photos in my portfolio?’

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